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Why You Should Use PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is essentially a medical treatment that is used to help patients recover more quickly especially after an injury or even in some ailments. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is an injection that one is given to administer the treatment. The process of preparing the PRP is simple whereby the doctor who is to administer the treatment will extract the PRP from the patient’s own blood by drawing a bit of the patient’s blood, spinning the blood sample in a centrifuge, where all the components of the blood will separate out including the platelets and the plasma; the doctor will then recombine only the platelets and the plasma to form the PRP treatment. This PRP treatment can also be prepared by a qualified medical practitioner. The results of the PRP treatment are mainly due to the platelets since they are the blood component that helps the blood to clot after an injury, hence preventing further infection and facilitating the start of the healing process; they also play a big part in cell regeneration as a result of the growth factors that they contain, hence faster healing. Therefore, PRP treatment is mainly used to facilitate faster healing and quicker recovery by being administered to the problematic area. Discussed below are some more benefits of using PRP treatment.

One of the main benefits of using PRP treatment is the improved and faster healing. By administering the PRP treatment in the injured area, one will be able to boost the cell regenerative properties in the injured tissue and as a result, will lead to faster healing.

Yet another great benefit of using PRP treatment is that there will be less scarring and reduced loss of blood. This is highly appreciated, especially for one who has done a facelift surgery since they will not have to deal with visible scars and spots on their faces afterward. As a result of the PRP treatment, there will also be increased number of platelets in the injured area during the surgery or after an injury hence less loss of blood.

One will also experience reduced swelling after using the PRP treatment, as well as reduced bruising. The reduced bruising is due to the influx in the platelets around the injured area that reduces the bleeding in the injured area, hence reducing the bruises that are formed. Usually, bruises are formed when there is an injury on the skin blood vessels, which would then normally bleed into the tissues, forming the bruise; therefore, with reduced bleeding, there will also be reduced bruises.

As seen from all the benefits discussed above, therefore, using PRP is highly beneficial for its patients, especially when recovering from an injury or a surgery.

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