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Impact of Having Penpal Relationship with Prisoners
Penpal for in mates is a service provided for individuals who are incarcerated to make new friends and keep in touch with the outside world. In correctional facilities, inmates do not access internet over the phone and communication is restricted to letters . If you want to make new friends prison penpal is your go to avenue. The service only requires an inmate to provide information about themselves so that outsiders can check and establish connections with a number of them. A large number of inmates serving long sentences prefer to use this service to keep connected. The inmate can either create the profile themselves or ask a friend or relative to do so on their behalf. A prisoner can benefit a lot by making new friends outside jail.
It is a constructive activity. Most of the time, inmates in jail are idle because there are no programs set up. As the inmates write to friends, they become aware of developments taking place which they are glad to share with others. Consequently, there is a low probability that the prisoner will engage in bad behavior or become isolated from what is going on. Time passes quickly in the process because the inmates are happier.
Lead to good interaction. When prisoners make positive friendships with good people outside jail, they help the inmates take a better direction in their lives when they are released. This is because; the pen pal may invite them to their hometown, giving the prisoner a chance to start his or her life over again with a lot of ease.
It’s a haven of new opportunities. When the time to go home comes, a prisoner encounters many obstacles trying to adjust. Many employers do not want to be associated with a convicted felon so securing a job to sustain yourself and other dependents is not easy. If the people you made friends with have good connections, you can get hooked to a job easily. If you like to advance your studies, you can sponsorship in a college with the help of your pen pals when you get out of jail. It would be unlikely for any person to partake in crime given any life changing opportunity.
Source of encouragement. A good number of prisoners lack attention and love from their family and loose friends once they are convicted and having someone to talk to comforts them. In that process, hope is restored when prisoners see that some stranger is willing to spend their time knowing their progression. For those serving life sentences and will never see the world outside again, it gives them the strength to pull through every day. Inmates are happy when their pal comes to meet them and talk in their correctional facility.
It makes inmates better readers and writers.